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Here is where I explain how to rank your website in the local search results within the search engines like yahoo, to achieve maximum exposure for the business. Below you'll find a step by step guide regarding how to out ranking any local competitors.

First thing you'll want to check before starting your regional SEO campaign, will be the websites on page optimisation. (Very important) This must be done before you do anything ells, because not one of the link building or content marketing works without this being done first. To learn more about on-page optimisation please click the link other wise keep reading.
Google Maps
Assuming your on-page optimisation is performed correctly. The first thing you should do is open a Google places account, the sooner you get this done the higher, as it takes about A month to verify your listing. Google verify your bank account by sending a 4 digit pin though the post to where your enterprise is registered to.
It typically takes about 2 weeks correctly come as it is sent constitute the USA, ones you've received your pin login and submit it to Google, and within Four to five days your listing will be live. Depending on have you been live in your area sometimes you will automatically get a listing for the first page of Google, for the town.
Remember when filling out your Google places listing, that you simply fill out as much specifics of your business as possible, as this helps move your listing, to the top of the Google places directory. Be sure to link back to your website, as this ups the page authority on both your website and your Google places listing.
Local Directory Submissions

Rank in Google Local Search

The subsequent stage is to complete around 40-45 local directory submissions (Area specific listings) out of your 30 to 40 listings submitted around 25 will probably be accepted within the first 2 to 3 weeks the rest will take around 4 to 6 weeks for being live.
Make sure you complete as much information as possible about you, and your business. Only use unique well written content for each directory, as you want only best content backlinking to your website. Remember to utilize any social media links, a directory enables you to have linking out to your additional webpages connected with your business, such as twitter, and Facebook.
When linking back your website, make sure you work with a good variety of keywords inside anchor text so you rank for a number of different high ranking searchers, near your home. Example (Plumbers Nottingham, Plumbing Nottingham, Heating engineers Nottingham)
What is an anchor text? An keywords is simply a link with a text in front of it. Example (Web site design Nottingham)
Related Website Links
At this point of the off page optimisation, we only look at building same topic related websites, that link back to the main website we are trying to rank online Yahoo & Bing ect.
Websites like these will have alot of the seo techniques which might be (above) done to them to build up their authority on the internet, this way when we link it well to the main website they carry far more weight and authority. How's that for done with care, we normally take a look at buying aged website names for around £20 that are relevant to the niche we are trying to rank for.
Paid Links (Quality Sites Only)
On Site Content
I want to begin with saying when we buy links, unfortunately we cannot buy them from these online link farms that sell 100 links for £5.99 by way of example. Link farms and bulk buying of links is very bad for SEO know awakens overnight and has a thousand rubbish quality links. Never use automated software to get links.
All links have to be hand submitted it takes time but that is how you have to do it, you can’t cheat Google. Once we buy them from well-established websites and quality directories that charge for that upgraded listing this could cost anywhere from £5 to £50 first listing. The reason were willing to pay for these links is, such sites pass on high page ranking and traffic to your website we are trying to rank online.
If you’re trying to rank your website with little or no content then all of the above will not work in 2014. Google is now much smarter before 2 years, you have to create high quality unique content for every page on the website. Googles guide lines say at the very least 500 words to become classed as worthy to be crawled and index within of their search engine.
That’s not to say they won’t index less content, but the likelihood of you showing up for competitive keywords in the search results is highly unlikely.
Local search engine optimization Check List
On page optimisation
Google maps
Local directory submissions
Related website links
Paid links (Quality Sites Only)
Good quality unique content on each page of the website

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